Top US Agent Rich Barker Crushing The UK Market

Rich Baker UK

Rich Barker is another level. Out of the c.200,000 agents we have within Keller Williams, he constantly ranks in the top 100 for production. Take that in for a minute – this guy is one of the best estate agents in the world! Keller Williams often gets a bashing about how we are simply an American model that won’t work here in the UK. I’ve been told this almost daily in my [coming up to] four years with KWUK.

Well, here is one for the naysayers: Rich came over to the UK and has set up his own estate agency… and if you watch the video you’ll see he is crushing it – an AMERICAN, IN THE UK, DURING COVID!

I don’t want to take too much away from the video but for me one of the main things about Rich that sets him apart is his mindset. For me that is 95% of the battle. He freely admits he’s not a numbers guy (but has to be), so he adapts as his drive and tenacity are so strong that they will not be broken. This can be attributed to his former professional baseball career with the Chicago Cubs, his recent battle with Cancer and his ‘Why’ of wanting to leave a legacy for his children.

When you take the above and add on world-class training, you can see why Rich is such an accomplished Estate Agent. When it comes to training, we only scratch the surface here in the UK compared to other countries where they coach Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mindset training and daily sales script practice. When you combine this 5% training edge with his ferocious 95% then it is clear to see why Rich and his team are so successful.

Our agents had many take-aways from this session and what is great about Rich is that he breaks everything down and makes it look so achievable. “Estate agency is simple” he tells us and then breaks it down into a numbers game. In the US you are not allowed to knock on a door that has a board up with another estate agent, however in the UK you can and with Rightmove announcing that 72% of properties are sold by the second agent in 2019 then it is “open season”. Rich simply works the numbers back from the number of completions required to his Door Knocking targets.

If I was to take away one thing from Rich, it is that the core of his day is based around lead generation. He doesn’t wait for listings to come to him passively from his current stock, he hunts down new listings and is committed to his goals. His goals don’t change based on the market or even Covid, he simply doubles down and finds a way to make them happen.

I’d love to hear your takeaways from the video with Rich so please drop me a line letting me know your thoughts.