What is the culture of Keller Williams?

Culture of Keller Williams

Culture is the main reason I joined Keller Willaims. I was actually on the brink of opening a number of high profile (and high end) estate agency businesses across central London. My wife, who was my financée at the time, had been through mindless numbers of presentations, cash flow forecasts and countless chats about me “taking on London and winning”, only to be told upon my return from Austin that I was going to bin it all off for “that American broker thing”.

Was I mad? No, far from it in fact. But I was mad in thinking it would be easy to help with the relaunch of Keller Williams, under the new stewardship of Ben Taylor. Working side by side for almost a year, Ben and I failed forward on many occasions. But the one thing that kept us striving forward is the culture that we experienced first hand that week in Austin.

This business really is based on helping people grow big estate agency businesses. Whilst there are lots of self employed estate agency models that have opened up in the UK since I joined Keller Williams and subsequently opened my Market Centre (hub) in London Bridge, none have quite cracked it yet and none have what we have here at Keller Williams.

Let us start at Market Centre level. Ali Harper and Julian Jacobs are my right hand men, whose sole purpose it is to help agents grow profitable estate agency businesses as quickly as possible. Please take a moment to read that sentence again, especially if you are thinking of taking the leap into the self employed estate agency world. Don’t get me wrong it is your business, but the team and I are in the trenches with you, pushing you, coaching you, teaching you and holding you accountable to your business plan along the way. We have even brought in a coach for the agents that want that extra level of support. Maya Pinkas and I have systematically created a coaching program that agents can choose to opt in to and it is having brilliant results already following its launch in quarter 1 of 2021. Maya is world class!

Let’s talk about the bottom line, which is very clever under the Market Centre model – hats off to Gary Keller for the way he designed them. I can’t press this point home enough, we all earn money when our agents do. Therefore it is a win-win. Yes, there are other models out there that offer a higher split, but I have fundamentally seen first hand how agents net more with Keller Williams and go on to grow businesses to be proud of. When agents that have been with me for over 18 months ring me up and tell me that they are looking at private schools for their kids (which was never an option before), are booking that bucket list holiday or even buying an investment property there is nothing that makes me beam more.

This has been without doubt the hardest challenge of my life. Growing a leadership team that believed in my and Keller Williams UK’s vision, bringing in the early adopters, falling out with some agents on the way and working way too many hours. But the culture of helping people become the best versions of themselves is why I am here and continue to show up every day for agents in my world. Let me leave you with the vision of Keller Williams London Bridge. To have fun building careers worth having, businesses worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving and legacies worth leaving.

Next week I’ll share with you my personal experience with leaders in the UK, France and of course my shareholders who are “mega agents” from the US.