Why did we decide to open up a Keller Williams Market Centre in London Bridge?

Keller Williams Market Centre in London Bridge

As estate agency ever eloves in became clear to me around four years ago that something wasn’t right with the UK estate agency model; not right for the estate agent, and certainly not right for the vendor or landlord.

After selling my 50% stake in DM & Co. Homes, an independent agency I started in Solihull with Dominic Murphy in my mid twenties, in my mind there has to be something out there that would serve the agent and the end user. Now don’t get me wrong, Dom runs a very successful agency business and I’m proud to see his boards when I go back and see my friends and family.

However for me, my reason for existence is to help people become the best versions of themselves and the high street estate agency model does not allow for that. Valuers being promoted to Managers when the old Manager moves on (completely different skill sets), a lack of the “eat what you kill” mentality and the reliance on the brand and not the agent to be responsible for lead generation… I could go on.

So why Keller Williams? Why London? And how can I make a difference?

Keller Williams takes entrepreneurial agents and shows them a way to focus their energy and enthusiasm into profit. By following proven systems and models the leadership team and KW London Bridge and KWUK can help the agent become uber successful. What is great now just over two years from opening the Market Centre is that we have agents on track to bring in £300k worth of fees in their second year of business.

Do all agents succeed to this level? No. The agents that are the most learning based and coachable do, yes. But those that want to do it the same way they do it on the high street and don’t upskill or evolve their skills, don’t. It is that simple. What’s great two years in is that these agents coach our other agents and help them avoid pitfalls they have made along the way. We are of the view that together you achieve more.

So what happens to the top agents when they bring in all this money? Two things; 1. We teach them / help them build a team 2. We coach wealth creation and investment, so that they can live a life by design and not by default.

Keller Willaims is at the brink of something very exciting in the UK and we have some pretty big goals set by our CEO, Ben Taylor. With huge names in the industry joining including Mark Readings (former CEO of HouseNetwork) and Simon Leadbetter (former CMO at Knight Frank) we are becoming an unstoppable force, and the best bit is that it is with both the agent and you the customer in mind.

Located in central London, our estate agency hub is easily accessible for agents in south-east and east London via the Jubilee line and various train connections as well as other direct routes to London Bridge station. If you would like to find out how we can support you grow a huge estate agency business then please get in touch.